Does the adjustment hurt?

Most chiropractic adjustments are not only virtually painless, they actually feel great and relieving. In cases of a recent injury, inflamed tissue may react to adjustments and cause some discomfort. Application of ice after treatment may soothe any irritation.

Can chiropractors refer patients to other specialists?
Chiropractors are part of a network of health-care professionals. Like other doctors, they will make referrals for patients when necessary. Chiropractors are trained to recognize risk factors and signs of disease that are outside their scope of treatments and they will not hesitate to make a referral when it's in a patient's best interest.

What does a chiropractic physician do?

A chiropractic physician is a primary spine care physician, focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with back pain,neck pain, and headaches among other problems. Chiropractic physicians do not use medications or surgery as treatments, but rather utilize natural, hands - methods along with exercise and lifestyle modification. Although most cases can be diagnosed through discussion of the problem and physical examination, chiropractic physicians utilize blood tests, MRI, cat scans, X-rays, and other diagnostic tests when necessary.Dr. Mejias will work in conjuction with all your physicians to ensure that you will reach your maximum potential. 

What types of problems do chiropractic physicians treat?

Chiropractic physicians are primary spine care physicians. Therefore, any disorder that involves joints, muscles, discs, or nerves can potentially be appropriately addressed by a chiropractic physician. This includes:

back pain

neck pain




pregnancy induced low back, or leg pain

whiplash injuries

thoracic outlet syndrome

work related injuries

shoulder, arm, and leg pain

carpal tunnel syndrome

muscle tightness weakness, or imbalance

numbness and tingling




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